Excuses Are Well-Planned Lies

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note the weekend/weekday difference
Also, it's December. Which means it's not November. And no, I did not win National Novel Writing Month this year. I was eleven thousand words short. :( My pride was injured, but there is nothing else wrong with me. I wanted to so dearly to prove it could be won while in college! And I still think that's true, if I'd given it just a little more attention over the course of the month and not left the poor thing dormant during the weekdays.

But I did learn something very important: I do too have time to write while in college. Maybe I'm not up to NaNo speed, but I'm definitely not incapable.
"Excuses are well-planned lies." -- Dani Johnson
I remember what I thought the first time I heard that quote. "Not true!" I said. "I know excuses are wrong and not worth it, but they are, at least, true!

"Aren't they?"

Turns out, they are false. They are false statements that you agree with in order to live a comfortable life right now and cheat yourself of the life you want later. I used to think they were true, denoting a fact I would have to hurdle. You know, like, "I don't have time, so I must work to make time." But even that isn't quite right. The truth is: "I do have time, I'm just spending it on other things." Ouch.

I have NaNo to thank that I finally realized how not true my excuse was. And my thanks is genuine. Now I can return to writing, knowing that it is possible. Knowing that I can accomplish it. Knowing that the time I thought I didn't have actually did exist and was simply spent on other things.


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Shelley Sly said...

Hey, not only have you proven that you can write in college, but you wrote almost the entire length of a NaNo project, and NaNo is hard! It's not impossible, but it's not the easiest thing ever. Look at you go!

Congrats -- even if it's not an "official" win, it's still a win!