Television Meets Writing

Television and writing have been intersecting recently in my world.
  • Season 4 of White Collar, where creator Jeff Eastin conned us all.
  • Season 1 of Almost Human, where the world-building is kinda interesting, but the dialogue's been done before, and before, and before. I didn't know they could still get away with such cliche stuff. Isn't it hard to get on network television? Are they that hard up on dialogue?
  • Season 3 of Sherlock, where every episode is a mosh-pit of things that don't make sense together...and then do. I swoon over this writing. It's superb.
  • B. J. Novak, actor, writer, and producer in/of The Office, has written a book. And released a book trailer. That I like. And that may or may not be the whole reason for this post, because it made me laugh, and it was literary, and I couldn't really think of anything else. So.
But yeah, I want to write for television someday. That would be lovely. To star in it like Novak stars in  The Office would be doubly grand.

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