Juvenile Romance

I don't pass my emotions to my characters. No way, no how. I've always tried to maintain their individuality. Sure, I'll push them in certain directions, and their reactions are often what mine would be if I were to be in their situations, but I am not them. Really! Ivolet is Ivolet.

So can someone tell me why Ivolet is sobbing her little heart out about a guy she hasn't seen since she was fifteen? She's so much better than this, isn't she? Or is she female and subject to long-lasting impressions like the rest of us? Can it be - is my Ivolet actually just a normal girl? Heroine though she is, does she oftentimes feel as I do about the more "normal" things of life?

I would cut it. In fact, I may still pull it and put something more demure and vague when she's talking to Quin about her "someone" in Evichburn. That was what I had intended. But then she burst into tears. It was none of my doing; I can't remember what I had intended now, but I know that tears - if any - weren't going to come so abruptly nor strongly. She burst into tears, real heartbreaking sobs, completely without my permission.

Ivolet, what kind of obedient character are you? You were never allowed to break down because a guy told you he liked your hair long! No, no, my girl, not at all! You're above that, and you've got greater purpose than that. Now you're falling apart for something way too human, something even I don't cry over. I might mope, but I don't cry.

I feel as if I've failed you somehow. You are an Emerald. Emerald-Pearl, I admit, but still mostly unemotional. And now you've gone and burst into tears. Where did I go wrong? Get a grip, my girl, concentrate on the army that you're leading, and leave Daniel behind and in the dust.

I'll begrudgingly let you have your cry. But the end result must be a vow never to think of Daniel again. I'm surprised you hadn't thought of that already. Why do I have to be so much smarter than you? You should have figured this part out at least by yourself. You're never going to see him again, and it never would have worked. Get over it!

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