To Love an Ending

I wrote an outline for my ending. Be proud. Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, be proud. (Okay, I know my gangsta is lacking. That's my brother's department.) But anyway, I did outline the "ending."

What ending is more than a freakin' page long?! I was expecting a few sentences, and it's more than a page! A whole 'nother freakin' page!

This is knowing that my entire book was 6.3 pages of outline. Now it's about 6.5. Well, looking at it that way, it's not so bad. I have a page left instead of of 0.6. But it shall be better for it.

 I hate endings. I don't finish books because I hate endings. With a passion. I have to decide to love them. It's the only way to succeed in this. I have to learn to love endings. Love writing them. I have to look forward to the end of the book so that I can write the ending.

Ending! Yay!


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