Things That Are Not Secrets

I am in a very good mood. Unusual, huh? Sorry, but you just get to bear the brunt of my writing woes. Today, good things happened in the writing world, even though they took a ton of work, and I figured I should be Emerald fair and just and expound on my ecstasy.

The climax is written. It is written, it is written, it is written. And I like it. :D Wow, I really am in a good mood.

Granted, there are things that come after climaxes, like the finishings up of proposals and executions etc... I'm in furious debate over whether or not Ivolet should return to Belayer. In my "original" outline (and we all know how much I love it), she didn't. In this new, "ending" outline, she returns and presents the terms of the sultan's treaty. It creates an opportunity to hear about and verify Halt's suicide. Then, Daniel and Ivolet are blessed by the priests on the same day that Quin has her baby.

It's not bad, really. Lots of characters and drama. But honestly, the story is finished. All that's left is the treaty and a little finalizing of the romance. It only draws out the story if I wait for her to heal, send her to Belayer, loiter around that country, and then return. There's no point.

With that in mind, I think I'm going to ditch my "ending" outline and pursue the one I wrote. It was, after all, combined with the one in my head, which shall result now in the following:
  • Daniel visits Ivolet in the infirmary. Maybe he gives her her necklace, since I haven't had a chance for that yet.
  • Adome and Daniel have a conversation. (No, I can't tell you what it's about! Goodness gracious, you can't expect me to give out all my secrets!)
  • Daniel asks Ivolet to marry him. (That's no secret. Everyone saw that coming a million miles away.)
  • Adome presents the treaty to Daniel and Ivolet. They accept of course. (What is in this treaty? Don't you wish you knew!)
  • Martin and Quin receive orders to come to the castle at Rowen. Upon their arrival, they are presented with the treaty. Of course, they accept, also.
  • The contents of the treaty, in italics and possibly mistaken for an appendix. Possibly also a letter from Ivolet to Martin and Quin.
  • A possible wedding? It depends on how lovely the last scene with Daniel and Ivolet is. They need a good finish, whatever happens. But the book started with Martin, and I almost think it should end with Martin. Weddings are all very nice, but I don't have much experience in them (ha!). So the wedding is in limbo.
There, the first look at my outline. (I typed it here in Blogspot; it's no copy.) Consider yourselves blessed. (All whoever 'yourselves' may be. There may be a few Facebook friends that either saw the link before I took it down, due to posts about crushes who happen to freakin' live on Facebook...)

Well, I return with this new, third outline of the second draft. I'm so close to being done! I can't taste it yet, but I can smell it. :) I am really hoping to be done by Friday, when I see LD (because I know she's going to ask).

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