A Phobia of Deadlines

A few weeks ago, I went through my outline and discovered that I would mathematically be finished on March 19, 2010. This was a combination of word counts, outline page numbers, and various other x's and y's.

Then I made the grand mistake of telling someone. There's this thing called accountability, and, while it may be beneficial, is not gentle. It's not something I necessarily asked for.

I have just over 32 hours before I'm supposed to be finished. And I'm only on the bottom of page 5/7 of my outline. Big, long sigh.

Did I mention I have writer's block? Yeah, got it bad. To remedy this, I decided to go back to certain aspects of my first draft. And after rewriting them into this second draft, I realized that they don't follow the outline. (My lovely outline says, "Ivolet gives Daniel and earful." An earful about what? Who wrote this outline anyway?) So I have gone and added more pages to the deleted scenes file and have to readdress this.

Ivolet's phobia of having her hands tied is actually helping me a good deal. It's new, and it's given her a weakness. That's a good thing.
"Merinthophobia - fear of being bound or tied up." - The Phobia List
 The internet is good for something. Ivolet has merinthophobia. This is quite interesting, and it gives her a reason to be really angry at Daniel as they set out for Portsmouth. The industrious Arwan is going to tie her up, and she'll be that way for two or three days. Oh, yes, that will give her something to give Daniel and earful about.

It's bothersome. I'm having a lot of trouble finding their personalities. I invented these characters! What's happening to me? I guess I have to write like a writer now, instead of an actress.

Now, to stop procrastinating...

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