The Proposal

The time has come.

Martin's proposal was much easier. I wish Daniel would cooperate and stop stuttering, stammering, falling over his words, and generally acting like an idiot. Ivolet, too, for that matter. Both of them are making me mad with their inability to have level heads about it.

There must be a fine line between reality and romanticism. I don't think Daniel and Ivolet got the memo that this is a romance, not real life. The time has come, and Daniel can't get the proposal out of his mouth. He actually told Ivolet that he, and I quote, "used to want to marry" her. Seriously, Daniel? Are all fictional guys actually this stupid until their authors get fed up and fit square blocks into circular holes?

Hammer, please. Wham, wham, wham!

Hello, I'm the author here. I can freakin' make you say what I want you to say. I am in power!!!!!! *insert evil laugh here* *pause* Or am I? If I were in true power, I wouldn't be writing this post. I would have already controlled you toward a sweet, romantic proposal. This, this is unacceptable. It makes you wonder what kind of control authors have, anyway? Where do these ideas come from? We write them, but do we really think them up? How were Daniel and Ivolet actually birthed in my mind, and have they ever done anything of my own accord? Maybe everything I thought I wanted was actually what was required by the story.

This leads, of course, to wondering where ideas come from and if they're actually mine. I believe the majority of the ideas that we call "ours" are supernaturally inspired, hopefully by God. But that's another blog topic - or two. Now I have to return to disobedient characters who won't cooperate.

I wonder if this is how God feels.

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