Be Inspiring!

I've inspired people. I've thought a lot of things about myself in regards to others, but I've never thought that I could be inspiring.

When ER told me that my love for writing helped her get through school assignments, it made me smile. Then she told me I was Blind Side-inspiring. Considering that The Blind Side is her favorite inspirational movie, this is very high praise. Because of me, she reveres writing and gives it a second chance. That was enough to make me day; I have the card she wrote stashed away in a special place. (Yes, she wrote me a card! Upon the completion of Ivolet's second draft, she wrote me a card of congratulations and encouragement. I don't know what I would do without her.)

Then SH told me that I had inspired her to write fiction. "Writing is actually fun when you get to do what you want," she told me (and I paraphrase). She's discovering a love of fictional writing and is pressing on towards writing a book. And I will back her all the way to the signing! (English professors, do you see the heart of your students? This is one of them, struggling with college English, yet who enjoys writing! Don't give up!)

Anyway, I'm rather floored. I'm inspiring. It's such an honor to be inspiring, something I thought would only possibly be attained when I was famous and accomplished. No, my love of writing is inspiring my friends. I'm inspiring people, right here in a small town that no one's ever heard of. I'm still me, I haven't changed, and I'm inspiring people. Dear God, I am so honored that You would entrust this to me now! Proof again that your age or "circle of influence" does not matter in the course of inspiring people for the better! Go on! Be inspiring!

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