There was an interview posted with Megan Whalen Turner! You have to be a follower of mine to know how this makes my day, but it did. Apparently, A Conspiracy of Kings is "impossible to put down," according to Holly Black. I'm very jealous of Holly Black right now.

Read the whole article.

I'm very intrigued by her usage of people's traditions to spring that surprise at the end of The Thief. I wish I could be that ingenious of an author. I'm not there...yet.
"I wanted to see how strong people's sense of conventions are, and the answer is: really really really strong. I feel that I gave away things over and over and over again, and the power of people's conventions were so strong that they were surprised at the end." - Megan Whalen Turner
The following quote is the perfect description of an author. I love it! I'm keeping it somewhere special, because, of course, I don't have enough Turner quotes on my mirror already.
"But when you're putting it down on the page, you're taking something three-dimensional and making it two-dimensional." - Megan Whalen Turner
 There you have it, another excursion into the mind of one of my favorite authors.

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