The First Chapter

I finished what could be called the first chapter of Thin Ice! It's been in my head for SOOOOO long, and now there's actually words to it, and the words aren't half-bad. I'm very happy. Just over 3,000 words, and while I have no idea how long a chapter should be, I'm content. It's just really nice to have it on paper and for it to be readable. I'm modest enough to say it's not publishing quality yet, but it's unique in its writing style. I love Raujinn already, and I'm feeling so much more of his character!

Because I can't help myself...the first few paragraphs of Thin Ice:
"'That’s not my job.'
'Well, it’s not my job, either!' Park shook his head, and the carefully gelled comb-over wobbled like the comb of a rooster, stiff yet on a rickety foundation. 'It may be my responsibility to makes sure she doesn’t starve herself to death, but it is not my job to talk her out of it. I’m giving that to you.'
Raujinn turned his head halfway to glance at her out of the corner of his eye, trying to look as if he wasn’t staring across the cafeteria. She was small and light; he would have called her frail if it hadn’t been for the shadow of definition in the white arms that poked out of her t-shirt. There was a slate-blue ribbon around her neck, but that was it in terms of jewelry or decoration."
And no, this is not a story about anorexia. It has nothing to do with eating disorders. Just...be patient. Sheesh.

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