Tosca the Beautiful

So the big news in the great Realm of Literature today is that Ted Dekker is writing a new book. A new trilogy. A trilogy that "eclipses the scope and impact of The Circle Series." That's kind of big news. (Read the announcement here.)

And he's co-writing it. Not with Frank Peretti. Not with Erin Healy. With a newcomer by the name of Tosca Lee. Let me take that back; she's not a newcomer. She's already written two intense books (Demon and Havah) and is working on her third (Iscariot). She writes about demons from an Rice/Lewis perspective, writes about Eve, and gives a first-person account of Judas Iscariot. " If you met her," reads the announcement, "you might think she is the long lost female side of Ted. And you might be right."

My feelings are just a little hurt. I'm actually a little jealous of this Tosca. She's stunningly beautiful, an original writer, a creative thinker, and gets to co-write a book with Ted Dekker. Is that not amazing? She has it all.

I'm not that jealous. I'm very happy for her. I can't wait to read her books, can't wait at all. Guess what I'm looking up at the library - and on BookMooch!

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