What the Heck?!

(This post is a sequel. For it to make sense, read the following in order:
A Lot of Nerve
Oh My Gosh)

What the heck?! That's not a reply. I mean, it's an answer, but it's not a reply. I don't know if I like him very much. He just answered the questions (which were meant to be a small-talk way of getting to know each other). The end.

WHAT?! The end. He wants to know nothing about me, or how I know JM, or even some sort of congratulations on finishing a book. (He starts out his reply with, "I, being a published author..." Number one, that sounds just a little egotistical. He may not have meant it that way, and I'll give him the benefit of a doubt, but seriously. And number two, it made a really confusing sentence. I would have done the grammar differently. Namely, "Being a published author, I..." Unless he was trying to avoid sounding egotistical and thought that if he put "I" instead of bursting in with the idea that he was a published author, he would come across more humble. This is a point worth considering.)

Anyway, a little encouragement from a "published author" on having finished a second draft would have been...personable. Nice. I know it's not finished, and I went out of my way NOT to ask him to read it or critique it or even give me advice about it. And, being a "published author," he knows the difficulty involved in getting through the freakin' 2nd draft!!!!

UGH! What am I supposed to do with this? What on earth am I supposed to tell JM, who asked me to tell her when I contacted him? I did, and now she's sure to ask what he said. What on earth do I say? He answered the questions and did not invite any further discussion.

He must be a Ruby. Actually, if I reread his response with a gem mindset, he is most definitely a Ruby. That's not bad at all - Rubies get things done. But they also have the worst personable levels of any gem. I'm part Ruby; I've got to remember this.

Is this my fault? Did the way I phrased my email make him think that the answers to those questions were all that I wanted? The only intent of my letter? Surely not. Anyone with a little sense knows that a writer writing a publisher has interest in being published. Don't they?

Well, at least I did it. I did it. I braved the unknown, and now I'm mad. I'm not hurt, I'm frustrated. I'm a little nonplussed, actually. Did I seriously get that response? I always hoped that those who were famous weren't really like they were in the movies...

[cue scene in Nacho Libre where he asks for Ramses' autograph]

Was I wrong?

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