Life Is Good

A/N: I actually wrote this yesterday, ran out of time, and ended up posting acknowledgments. So, this is slightly dated (in the sense that I've finished A Conspiracy of Kings - more on that later).

Life is...essentially...good. And it's good when life is good.

First, I'm reading Megan Whalen Turner's A Conspiracy of Kings, and I am not yet done (the fact that I am not yet done is also something to rejoice about...it means there's more). It is...incredible. In all honesty, I was a little worried when I learned that Sophis was the main character this time around. (While endearing, he hadn't endeared himself to me in The Thief.) But I have fallen in love with a him just like I fell in love with Eugenides. I'm in awe of how Turner can craft such human (read: flawed) characters and still bring you to love them and cheer for them and endure constrictions of the heart when they are in danger. Also, it's been wonderful reading without knowing the ending (remember, I read them out of order). I've never read one of Turner's books and needed Gen to reveal his true character, for I always knew how it ended. Looking back, The King of Attolia probably would have driven me crazy with its protagonist being Costis instead of Eugenides.

Second, due in part to Turner's inspirational writing, I am making legitimate progress on Ivolet!! After enduring writer's block and outlines and other devices of torture, there are now 2,725 words written! I know there's still a long road ahead, but I really really like what I have so far. The beginning is so much faster, the first scene (now a preface) much better at hooking in the reader, and all necessary things are being introduced fluidly instead of obviously being quickly typed as I added it chapters on and needed to add some background. (Just trust it's more fluid than that sentence, and you're good.)

Third, though this may not be as good as the first two, I have another idea for a story. I've written the summary on my "Great Expectations" document and told it to stay there. As much as I'd like to devote time to it, I do not have time. So, this is kind of bittersweet. A new story, but I refuse to touch it with pen (er...keyboard) until Sunday, the day of rest, the day I take off writing seriously/professionally/obsessively and write whatever comes to me, just in fun, just as relaxation. Dear Jesus, thank you for the Sabbath!!

A/N: This is (hopefully) the last time I will ever write a post on one day and edit/post it the next. Too much can change, and there is more I think I should be saying. But life is still good.

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