I had some help in writing today. I always wondered if I would need to be asking advice for a fantasy novel. I've always wanted to, because I want to have a really interesting acknowledgments page and having people answer your questions is always a huge part of the acknowledgments.

Today I discovered that having a prankster brother the same age as your male hero is (in the first part of the book) can be a huge plus. The conversation went like this:

Me: If you were a prince that lived in a palace, and you liked to prank people, what would you do?
Him: With anything at my disposal?
Me: Yeah, you're a prince. But, I mean, it's a Persian palace, so...anything within reason.
Him: Well, I'd put something in one of those things. [hand gestures]
Me: The...things...
Him: The things they bring the food out on. I'd put something in there.
Wow, that was good.
Me: Anything else?
Him: Roller skates on the stairs of the dungeon.
Me: I don't know if roller skates will work. It's a Persian palace.
Him: Ball-bearings, then.
Me: What about marbles?
Him: Marbles would work, sure.

This conversation took place in under a minute. That's how amazingly smart at pranks my brother is. I've spent months trying to think of good mischief for Daniel to get into, and he did it in a minute.

Maybe this isn't a good thing.


Nonexistant anymore said...

Haha, funny! Maybe you should have asked your brother sooner. :) I find my siblings are often a great help in the writing process. It probably isn't a problem that you're brother is so good with pranks--he's a boy, it's natural. :)

Melody said...

Yep, sooner would have been good. I'm glad I got to involve him; most of what I write doesn't align with his interests at all. :) And yes, definitely a boy, but I admit I wouldn't have it any other way! :)
Oh, and many welcomes to the blog! I checked out yours and love it! Following!

Nonexistant anymore said...

Thanks! And thank you for liking my blog. :)