The Allure of Princes & Songbirds

So here is hoping that everyone's Memorial Day was enjoyable and memorable.

On the spur of the moment, I went and saw Prince of Persia. I didn't have very high expectations, honestly, and my thoughts were something along the lines of, "Well, it's bound to be action-packed, and maybe I can gain some culture/setting ideas for Ivolet," since Ivolet takes place in a very ancient Persia sort of world. Granted, I did get some lovely Persia ideas, but the story was what floored me. It was good, very, very good; a character based off a video game was deep, very, very deep. WAY better than anticipated by the trailer, and I'm SO glad I saw it. I want to see it again. Anyway, it's chock-full of well-told allegories (which is probably why I like it) that I've been thinking it over since that fateful Sunday afternoon, and I'm in the midst of writing about all the allegories over here on the In Every Movie blog.

You would think that with all the beautiful clothes and architecture and sweeping-scenes-over-the-sprawling-city would have totally inspired me to return to Ivolet. (Poor Ivolet, she was abandoned in the interest of planning what turned out to be a 4.5 hour worship night.) But it hasn't.

Instead, I've got this story that honest-to-goodness just popped into my head (never discount the things that pop into your head). And it won't leave me alone, which is really annoying. Does that ever happen to anyone else? How do you concentrate on just ONE story?

I would have written it on Sunday, the day of rest and my day of writing rest, when I can write whatever I want. But, for the second Sunday in a row, I ended up too busy. Church, lunch, nursing home church service, Prince of Persia, Lark Rise to Candleford (yeah, LRtC was postponed in honor of replaying the Memorial Day concert; thank you, PBS). And this story, which we're going to call Songbird, isn't leaving my head just because Sunday got busy. It's still here, right when I should be writing about Ivolet and Daniel and detailing that stupid first chapter for the UMPteenth time, taking into account all my POV changes and the horrific calamity of last Thursday when I discovered that if you open an autosaved file from Word, it's not going to autosave that file until you actually legitimately save it again. (HINT TO ALL WORD USERS: SAVE IT OFFICIALLY WHEN YOU OPEN THE AUTOSAVED STUFF!!)

In all honesty, however, the loss of words was a blessing in disguise. I had gotten so confused with all my POV changes, both first-person and third-person, that it wasn't reading very well and the voice had all but disappeared. So, with no option but to write it from scratch, I have written something more fluid and readable. So, it's good.

Anyway, I'm off to the Ivolet grindstone, while I grit my teeth against Songbird and further allegory writing about Prince of Persia.

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Unknown said...

I wasn't interseted in Prince of Persia until I read your little mini review and I must say that I'm rather intrigued by it now! I'm glad to hear you had a great experience.

I actually had an MC about two months ago give me nightmares (horror story) and my husband had worked overnights I asked my MC to please forgive me, I told him I simply couldn't write him down because he was too scary, I promised him once my husband got days again I'd write him. It's the second week in now and the hubs is working days and my MC is done being patient. I had another WiP I was working on but I now realize that's not happening. I promised him I'd write him, so now I must!

good luck with your writing!