No Intention of Slowing Down

This was written and supposed to be posted yesterday evening, but there was lightning. And when there's lightning, especially lightning that close, we unhook our internet cables. Soooo...

Successes today (er, yesterday):

  1. Exceeded my 2000 words a day goal. Yay!!! This is the first time in a long time that I've been able to do that. (Though I'll need to do much better if I'm going to be done by *gulp* September 1.)
  2. Finished the first chapter! (FINALLY! It's about time! I'm beginning to hate that first chapter with a vengeance. Please don't look at me again, First Chapter. I'd be really happy if it were weeks before I laid eyes on you again.)
Now for the plunge. Now to look back at the outline and figure out where I wanted to go, because I can't really remember - even though I've written this book twice already. Now to create, yet still hold fast to the story; now to imagine, yet still retain what we first thought up. Yep. This is hard.

I made a summer commitment today (er, yesterday). I debated about it long and hard, and I was really, really concerned about how it would affect my (little) writing time. I still am. But I felt God tell me to give Him that time and He'd give me the writing time I need. (And since the writing is all for Him anyway, well...) So here I am, working seriously with the youth of our small town this summer. I don't plan on it affecting my blogging, haha, and I have absolutely no intention of slowing down my writing. On the contrary, I plan to pursue it even more passionately. By God's grace, because it's all for Him anyway...

But right now (er, last night), I'm going to have a little fun with Songbird. Just for a little while. Because I just can't help myself.

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