I just spent at least an hour updating the links page. Now I know the downside to reading a lot of blogs. Of course it I want to pay it forward, pass it on, share the love. So I put everything on my links page.

It took forever. I follow a lot of stuff, and I love all of it! Anyway, I hope my links page is helpful to all aspiring authors. That's the main point. Let me know if it helps you, or how it could be more helpful. I know there's a lot of links there, and I don't expect anyone to click on every single one. *exhaustion*

But knock yourself out! I worked hard on it, too...



Stina said...

Thanks for all the great links. They're TONS of work to do, but always appreciated. :D

February Grace said...

Melody don't miss your One Lovely Blog award over on my blog!

thank you for all the hard work on those links too.