Thank You For the Blanket & Cookies

I was in the middle of reading my interview, when my brother somehow managed to convince me to grant him the (read: my) computer for an hour. Which means I did some excited pacing before getting back to reading the interview in it's entirety.

An interview? Me? (That's what I said, too.)

Yes, February Grace of Pitch Slapped honored me with her gracious interviewing skills, and I felt more than a little pampered with cozy blankets and yummy cookies and all the attention. She calmed my nerves quickly and it we had a very pleasant chat! You really should go read it (in lieu of a normal blog post), and you really should follow her blog! No one in the blog-o-sphere will put you at ease more quickly. And she's an authoress, too. :) So, there's your assignment. Go meet February Grace at Pitch Slapped!

As if she hadn't shown me enough bloggy kindness already, she also graced me with my very first blog award. I. Am. Honored. (And I'll have to go make a virtual wall on which to hang it!) :)

And, because blogging is all about paying it forward, I'd like to pass it on to:

  • Milly at Wixed Mords (A lovely blog by a lovely lady, as I was saying before I had an award to give!)
  • Meriette at The Halls of Meriette (Ah, and she's on hiatus!! Pity. But she really does deserve it.)
  • Faith Elizabeth Hough (I haven't been reading long, but I already know we're going to get along just fine!)
  • The Gingerbread Ninja at Never Move On (We both like chocolate. Case closed)
  • Lulu at My Glad Years (I just...love you. Can't say more than that.)
  • Melody at Vividry (We have the same name! Can't get any cooler than that.)
...and I caught myself wondering, do Miley Cyrus' younger siblings interrupt her reading of interviews to use her computer? And then I decided that they all had their own. *wonders if she's getting delusions of grandeur, with this Miley Cyrus comparison*


Anonymous said...

Yes, Chewie dies. I was heartbroken when I found out =(

Thanks for the award! Chocolate is awesome.

Lydia Kang said...

Congrats on the award! Going to check out the other blogs here, they look great!