Award Time

Anne, the Piedmont Writer, has graced me with an award!

A big hello and thank you to all those who stopped by because of the award, especially new followers Jayne at A Novice Novelist and Ann Best at Long Journey Home.

Anne, the Piedmont Writer, decided to pass it on to "freshman" bloggers, those with fewer than 50 followers, and I'm honored to be one of those she chose! I'm going to keep with her decision and do the same!

However, I don't really have time to go check and see who has more than 50 followers and who doesn't. So here is what we're going to do. If you a) follow or comment on my blog (or I follow/comment on your blog) and you b) have less than 50 followers - this award is for you. I'm not kidding. Just because I don't have time to check on your follower count doesn't mean I don't love you! Because I love you!

So, if you meet the qualifications above, then link back to this post. And everyone reading this - read their blogs and cheer them on!

I formally award these bloggers with "The Bloom of an Idea~~~" in honor of their good starts, excellent writing, superb blogging etiquette, perseverance, and a mature entrance to the blog-o-sphere. Y'all deserve to be read! (So, everyone, take a minute and click on one or two and check them out!)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blogger award! I use wordpress, so I don't have a follower count, haha.