Late in the Game

I actually wrote over 2000 words yesterday. They were hard-fought words, but by day's end they were written. (Now do it again today, right?)

Thanks to my writers block breakthrough, as well as the merging of the 1st and 2nd drafts into this third one, I'm having to add in some scenes. See, I already knew that Tash and Ivolet crossed the ocean at the same time. I just hadn't planned for them to go together. Yet here they are, on the same ship, and it's working out quite well because Tash is a Plegmatic/Melancholy who has read a ton of books. He's very able to answer all of Ivolet's questions and explain the legality of showing up and claiming a throne.

Yet I'm still cringing. I really didn't want to have to be writing anything new during this draft, especially conversations I just realized existed. But here I am. I think the writing went well. (I'll read it again, after a good night's sleep, and find out).

So what about you? When you're in the final draft, or the finishing stages, of a novel, how do you feel about adding stuff? Conversations? Minor plot points? Is this part of your routine, or does it make you mad when you have to add something so late in the game?


Stina said...

I love adding stuff and seeing how it snowballs, even if it is in the final (?) draft. I find it improves the story better and adds more layers. (and yes, I do outline first)

Anonymous said...

I think that stories take on a life of their own, and should be allowed to change and alter as things come up :)

Anonymous said...

I think I would just be annoyed if I had to add anything major... conversations and minor plot points are fine :)