Reality Got Really Interesting

All of a sudden...reality got really interesting.

If I'm to be completely honest, one of the many reasons I've loved writing and making up stories is because they take me away from what I thought (and what may as well have been) a dull reality. There was no adventure, no hero, no romance. None of that. So I got really good at making it up, and because I got so good at making it up, I got really good at writing it down.

But, Houston, we have a problem. Reality has gotten interesting. Everywhere I turn, there's something new. Where I used to have to look for things God was doing, now I can't keep up with them enough to journal them down. (Speaking of the journalling, I ended up with over 10,000 words about the weekend. Crrrrrrraaazy!) He's everywhere, and the roller coaster adventure that started last October has just picked up even more speed.

All this to say, my writing is suffering. (Or, rather, nonexistent.) My creativity came back today; I discovered some good plot points for Ivolet, I think, and some good dialogue, but as for sitting down and writing... All of a sudden, it feels like I can think of so many things more interesting than my stories. And I never, ever, in a million years, would have dreamed that I would say that.

Maybe it's just that my routine got all whacked out with camp. Maybe later in the week I'll be able to sit down and focus on crafting a publishable story. Maybe everything will return to normal...

...except if there's one thing I don't want, it's normal. Heck no. Never again. I'm lovin' this!

Thus the writing is going to have to wait for an opportune moment. Hopefully, since I'm done with the journalling (kinda), I'll be able to sit here and finish detailing Ivolet's life. I hope so. I want to finish it. I want to send it off and fret over my baby like everyone else. :)

But here's a bit of encouragement to all of you: Reality just got interesting. Take a look. Because if you're anything like me, your head is in the clouds a lot... Be careful. Don't miss the adventure. :)

If you're not a spiritual person, than this entire post probably isn't making any sense to you and you're totally wondering why I'm not writing about writing. I apologize for going off topic, but God is so intertwined with my life (and thus my writing) that I really couldn't help it.

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Anonymous said...

This is the best blog post I've read today. I'm so glad that God is doing great things in your life! But isn't it true, he always does great things and we fail to take a look at our interesting reality.