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Fact: I should be writing. Like, writing-writing, not blogging-writing.

Fact: I don't know what to blog about. Banned Books Week? There's a huge display of banned books at my local library. I want to know if anyone else finds this ironic.

Fact: I need books for an avid 7th grade boy. He's read the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid. He's read the entire Artemis Fowl series. He's read Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy, plus Showdown, Saint, Adam, Boneman's Daughters (all adult fiction), as well as a YA series by the same author. He's read Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness.

Thing is, he kind of skipped all the middle-grade books. Now he's into YA and adult, and it's running me ragged trying to find him books that portray romance in a wholesome light (if they have to have it at all) without the guy going, "She was hot in her cheerleading uniform...I could feel her body pressed against my back...all the sexual tension evaporated..." (This is paraphrasing from an actual YA that I started...but couldn't bring myself to finish.)

So, word on the blogging-street is that there's no books for boys. This may be true. There's definitely not many YA books for boys that don't involve a whole lot of sex/"sexual tension". Help me out? Any good books for 12-year-old boys with a too-high reading level - and a severe attention deficit?

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max said...


This is exactly what I write; action-adventures & mysteries for readers 8 and up, especially boys.

"Lost Island Smugglers is the best book I've ever read in my life. My favorite parts are:
#1 The high speed chase when Sam, Tyler and Tony are chased by the men in large black coats.
#2 The deadly storm when the boat rips in two.
#3 When Sam, Tyler and Tony wash up on Lost Island.
#4 When Sam, Tyler and Tony take a ride in the submarine.
I will tell all my friends about it. Peyton – 10

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