The Consequences of a Single Glance

It starts quietly, inauspiciously, innocently. Just a simple, everyday act of turning on the television and flipping through the channels.*

Your glance strays to that movie**. You haven't seen that movie, and you want to. It's just starting.

So you watch and enjoy, just like you would any other movie.

And then you get up and go about your day.

And then your mind starts working. All by itself. Without your permission. Colorful, sporadic scenes start popping up in front of your eyes - and they're not all from the movie. Some of them you've never seen before, which is your first sign.

Then you start hearing the voice of the movie's main character. Except she's talking about other stuff, random stuff. Stuff that matches up with these new scenes.

And then you begin to wonder...

...and wondering leads to creating...

...and that, my friends, is how one can come to cheat on their current work in progress***.

It starts so simply. One moment of bored time, one glance, one click. And it's all over, my friends. All. Over.

Save yourselves. :)

*How can there be so much nothing on so many channels? It doesn't seem scientifically possible.
**The Princess & the Frog
*** I'm holding strong! So far... Please, my dear file full of ideas, please satisfy my craving for this new story!

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Jessica Bell said...

LOL. This is great. And SO TRUE! I have to force myself not to cheat. But luckily I manage. just.