Authentic Voice vs. Good Writing

So, yesterday was Sunday, which is my DAY OFF. Thank You, God, for Sundays. Especially Sundays where I can give Ivolet a rest of her own and focus on the stories that have been bouncing around in my head all week. (Sunday is my writing day of rest, the day I write whatever I want instead of whatever I'm supposed to be working on.)

It's an old story, in terms of how long it's been an idea in my head. My oldest typings are from 2006. It just keeps building, and building, and building...

I sat down yesterday to type some of it up, allowing the MC's voice to just flow through me. Just letting her tell me her story. I've never done that before, and I already like the result. It's fresh and new, and, for the first time, I feel like it's really her.

But now I have a question: Where's the line between authentic voice and good writing?

It's more than just a 'whole sentence' thing. Her thoughts go all over the page, though they are linear and do head towards a point. But since she's ADD, everything's a bit...here and there. I like it. It's her voice. But is it readable?

What happens when you read a book with particularly character-filled voice? Is it distracting? Or does it draw your further into the story?

Any thoughts/hints/opinions on voice appreciated. :)

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Stina said...

The main thing is it has to be readable. If the reader is confused, then it doesn't work. If it frustrates the reader, she (as in an agent) won't keep reading. But if it infuses the story with life (and doesn't fail on the above two points) then go for it. :D