I Love You

I'm really going to have to start writing down all my blog ideas, because I really did have some. But of course they've all deserted me when I'm actually sitting down to write.

But since I'm a bit desperate - and since I was planning about writing this eventually - let's talk about blog ideas for just a minute. To judge by the blogosphere, they've been a bit scanty lately. Elana Johnson. T. H. Mafi. Shannon Whitney Messenger. All of them key pieces of the blogging-about-writing community and the writers of some of my favorite blogs. All of them having the troubles in the blog-post-idea department.

And right now I want to say something to each of them: I love you.

Really. I read your blog because I love you. Yeah, I enjoy what you have to say, and I alternately laugh and learn - whatever the day may be. But the ultimate reason I read your blog isn't because of what you say - it's how you say it. It's the you behind your words.

And when you can't come up with anything to write, it's okay. I still love you. When you miss a day (or a week, or a month) of blogging, I still love you. You're still on my RSS Feed list. And when it gets highlighted blue with a new post, it makes me happy. Not because I'm going to learn or laugh (though I know I am), but because I get to hear about you, how you're doing, what you're doing, how your writing's going, how your agent-search is going, how you are.

So, all you peeps who are having trouble thinking of things to say, I still love you, don't worry. I am not going to suddenly unfollow your blog just because you gave me one post I didn't enjoy/like/agree with. You're not boring, you're interesting. You're creative. (You're writers, for heaven's sake.) You are amazingness that, for some reason, deigns to sit down and write your thoughts so that I can read them. God thinks you're awesome, and so do I.

And that goes for all you non-writerly friends, too, by the way.


Stina said...

Whenever I get an idea, I write it on a Post It note and stick it on the wall. I have no shortage of ideas for my posts about writing. Of course then I have to find them since I also have dates to remind me of things I have to do, passwords for all those writer forums etc I'm part of, and ideas for my books. Yep, the wall is pretty messy. :D

Lisa Gail Green said...

Yeah!! I love this post. It's true, and it is tough to keep coming up with ideas. But it's also fun!! Like you said, we're writers for heaven's sake.