Tropeful Day

Trope = a plotline that's been done before.

I attempted some querying last week. Here's what it felt like I was writing:

Dear Estimable Agent,
     Trope, trope, trope. Trope, trope, trope. Trope, trope all the way!
     Oh, what fun it is to have a tropeful day!*
     Here a trope, there a trope, everywhere a trope-trope.
     E-trope, I-trope, Oooooooooh!**
     Please represent me.
~ Melody

It's not! (Or is it? Or are all stories? Not going there now...)
The query obviously needs more work. :D

I just...thought...maybe you might like that little piece of information in my query-writing regime. :)
Maybe it will make you laugh?

*Jingle Bells
*Old McDonald Had a Farm (you know, E-I-E-I-O?)


Anne Gallagher said...

Well, as there are only 12 plotlines in the whole world, and Shakespeare has already cornered those, I think we're all a little screwed. (Sorry, can I say that on your blog?)

Sara B. Larson said...

Good luck with the querying... or revising of your query, or whatever you are working on now. You can do it!