Saved-For-Editing Free Time

What To Do With The Saved-For-Editing Free Time
  • Open the Shiny New Idea (that isn't so new anymore) (that you shouldn't be working on right now because you're supposed to be editing your Main Project).
  • Consider writing more.
  • Think of nothing that captures your interest.
  • Get composition notebook with handwritten scene of SNI.
  • Type handwritten scene into document.
  • Catch up on some blogs.
  • Compile all the amazing notes from your amazing beta reader into one document so you can look at all of them.
  • Consider her pretty color choices of fonts.
  • Catch up on more blogs.
  • Open the new first chapter of the Main Project.
  • Read one paragraph.
  • Consider the information overload of the first paragraph.
  • Remain undecided about its usefulness.
  • Post it for the blogging world to see and (hopefully) advise upon.
  • Catch up on even more blogs.
  • Return to Main Project's new first chapter.
  • Read three quarters.
  • Feel as if chapter should end.
  • Read last quarter.
  • Yeah, too many characters introduced.
  • It really should have ended three quarters of the way through.
  • But the first three quarters are kinda short, chapter-speaking.
  • Which would mean I have to write more...but not crappy, useless more.
  • Which means work.
  • More work.
  • Dang.
  • Go blog about your troubles when you should be editing.


Shelley Sly said...

This made me chuckle, because I can relate. And "consider her pretty color choices of fonts" made me laugh out loud. :D

Hope you have a Happy New Year, my fantastic beta!!

Elana Johnson said...

LOL! For me, my biggest time-suck is twitter. People know when I should be working, but aren't. :)