Queries In Cars!

So if the blogosphere was school, last week would be an unexcused absence. As in, I meant to write. I just somehow went to bed Sunday without a post for Monday...all week long. I feel awful, especially since I have two announcment-y things I want to make!

This week is an excused absence. I'm going to be traveling for my grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary! It's rather exciting, even if I'm going to be spending my birthday (I share my birthday with their anniversary) in the car

I don't mind the car. I'm taking my laptop and will hopefully have a finished query letter by the time I get back, thanks to Elana Johnson's now FREE download of From the Query to the Call. (Go! Go get it now!)

So! I shall return next week sometime! :)

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Sara B. Larson said...

Very cool! Hope you have a great birthday, query writing, and anniversary celebration!