Stewardship of Time (Oh, what a highflown title...)

Our family of four once had four computers. The family computer, my laptop, Dad's laptop, and Dad's work laptop.

  • Then Dad's laptop broke.
  • Then he got laid off and lost the work computer.
  • Then my epic wireless-router-setting-up skills somehow messed up the internet capabilities of the family computer.
  • Which leaves...my laptop. For four people.
  • Which means...fewer blog posts.
  • ...less query writing.
  • ...less beta reading.

On the plus side, I've gotten a ton of laundry done, swept/mopped/vacuumed (as the case may be) all the floors yesterday, finally organized my graduation cards from 2009, etc, etc, etc... So yeah, more work done.

But what this means is that my computer time is sparing, and when I do get a hold of it, I have to...show good stewardship with my time. Quick glance at Facebook. See if there's any important emails. Read 1-3 blogs. That process used to be 45 minutes (it included a lot more Facebook, and many more blogs). Now it's something like 10 minutes, if that.

I am learning what is important, and what is not. Blogging is somewhere in the middle. Definitely more important than movie forums and graphic-design-hobby. Not as important as my query-writing, beta-reading, and writing. (So if I seem far away, that's why...)

What about you? Any stuff happened lately that makes you realize that better stewardship of time is always possible?

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