The Author Archetype

I recently met a lady who writes books. An author (has a book coming out in March, I believe). And you could not find a better author archetype if you made one. She hand knits her own sweater/jacket/ponchos (and they look storebought). Boots with leggings. Long, free-flowing blond hair. She looks like an author.

I never really thought about what an author looks like before I met her - my staple of choice is a t-shirt and jeans - but she just covers it. Except for the hat.

It is my personal belief that a true author should wear a hat. Like this one.

I mean, how could you not look like an author wearing a hat like that? The above actress (Keira "Elizabeth Bennet" "Elizabeth Swann" Knightley! <3) is not an author. But she looks like an author, doesn't she? Yes, she does. (Just agree with me here, okay?) :)

Not that I wear a hat on most occasions. Hmmmm....maybe that's what's missing from my authoress presence?

I want to know - what wardrobe piece is a must-have to be an author? Together we can construct the perfect authoress outfit...

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Anonymous said...

A pendant necklace!