The Wind Whistled

It's Tuesday night.
I have just discovered that it's (basically) not getting above freezing until Friday.
My toes are cold.
I want to go snuggle up in bed under piles and piles of blankets.
Also, I should be editing. (Which, by the way, is going swell!)
So we interrupt our driving chronicles to bring you the weather, courtesy of the one and only Tolkein.
"The wind whistled and the snow became a blinding blizzard. Soon even Boromir found it hard to keep going. The hobbits, bent nearly double, toiled along behind the taller folk, but it was plain that they could not go much further if the snow continued. Frodo's feet felt like lead. Pippin was dragging behind. Even Gimli, as stout as any dwarf could be, was grumbling as he trudged." - The Fellowship of the Ring, by J. R. R. Tolkein
Yes, the wind is whistling all about the half, finding every possible crack and crevice to get inside. Snow we shall probably not have (ah, Texas, it's your one weakness!), but cabin fever we shall. My feet aren't leaden, but my toes are cold despite all our heaters. And I'm obviously dragging behind in my blogging duties! :)

What about you? Are you being hit by this ferocious winter storm?


Liz P said...

Yes and I am so sick of snow. This has been quite a winter. And there's still 2 months to go!

Matthew MacNish said...

Any post that has a picture of Gimli or even mentions Tolkien is FTW as far as I'm concerned.