First Impressions

A while back I saw this piece of Jane Austen trivia:
The original title of Pride and Prejudice was First Impressions. When it was submitted to a publisher, was not even read and was returned unopened.
Putting aside the blatant irony of this scenario, it got me thinking. Titles are important. Even if the publisher changes them later, the author still has a responsibility to name her books well.

It's not really my strength.

My most recent book (queries sent: 3) has been in the works since October 2009. The main character's name has long been Ivolet. And, like the great majority of my books, the title mirrored the MC's first name. Ivolet. My lovely CP thought that it was the title. I did, too.

When it came time to query, I finally buckled down and thought of a title. Or, rather, I was drifting off to dreamland and had a word: Stratagem. It ties in a lot with various parts of the book, and it has a good ring to it - a good ring if you want to mix with the likes of Graceling and The Blue Sword. (Besides, how can you not like a book containing the word 'gem'?)

What's the title of your current WIP?

MC = Main Character
CP = Critique Partner
WIP = Work in Progress

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Anne Gallagher said...

One word titles are hard to come by so kudo's to you. However, go to Amazon first and see if someone else already has it. That's how I pick my titles.

The name of my current book is MisMATCHED. Spelled that way.