I had never heard of a Polyvore set before this post by Sky. But I recognized it instantly from my earlier perusings of TeenVogue.

If you're as lost as I was, this is a Polyvore set:
Spring 2011

It's a compilation of colors, clothes, styles, and other random things that contribute to the 'look'. Sky made one for her new character. And I began to wonder - could I? I had already begun fill out Jody Hedlund's amazing character worksheet, but I was running into some trouble, because I really didn't know. I needed some visual. And being an amateur graphic designer, I decided to make a Polyvore set for my main character.

I ended up making three. They're not nearly as cute and chic as this one, but they serve their purpose. I know so much more about my characters (new book) now - it astounds me what I did not know. I'm scared to wonder what would have happened if I hadn't made one.

How do you find out more about your characters?

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