Giddy Rejection Letters

I've sent out seven queries on Stratagem. Yesterday, I got my first rejection.

And it left me giddy. Which is...strange.

It was from of my dream agents, actually the assistant of said dream agent, and yet, I was just thrilled that they deigned to send me back a rejection email. A form rejection email.

But they sent it to me. I feel somewhat like a real writer now. Before, I was just someone who wrote books that no one read. Granted, it's still not read. But it's been out there. My query, of my book, has entered the publishing world, if only enough to dip one's toe in. There's something official about it, don't you think?

Has a rejection letter showed up in your inbox? How did your first one feel?


Anne Gallagher said...

I've received many rejection letters. The first one devastated me. Then I got over it. The ones that really hurt are the personal ones who try to be nice about it but really end up saying they don't love it enough. I'd rather get a form rejection.

Sara B. Larson said...

Wow, what a great attitude! I have a pile of rejections of massive proportions from my agent searching days. I'm not sure I ever felt that happy about any of them - the first, middle, or last. Keep it up!

February Grace said...

I wish I had your spunk!

(sorry haven't been by in awhile- just wanted to say hi!)


Paula said...

Congrats!! Only another writer can understand the excitment of a rejection letter : )

And yes, I felt the exact same way. Good for you for getting it out there and making it to this next stage!!!