Query writing was supposed to be somewhat easy. Not, like, slippery easy. But not too complicated. Why? Because I had this:
Ivolet has grown up in Cosia without any knowledge of her royal lineage in the enemy country of Ellan. When she's told that her blood is actually that of the people she's been taught to hate, her loyalty is torn in two different directions. She loves the land that raised her, but tradition dictates that she fight on the side of her kin. Complicating matters are her feelings for Cosia's crown-prince and the constant risk of betrayal, even in the land of her birth, because of her rightful claim to the throne.
My one-paragraph summary.

It's only because of y'all that I had this in the first place. Must have something to put on my blog, I thought. Must have something to email the awesome beta reader before she jumps in. So I wrote this. I thought it was pretty good: character, world-building, conflict, more conflict, consequence - bam!

Stretch that out to two paragraphs? Not so easy. Definitely harder than I thought it would be.

So what's easier for you? Elevator pitch? One paragraph pitch? Two paragraph query? Synopsis?

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