All Sorts of People

I spent the weekend on the Riverwalk with girlfriends celebrating a 20th birthday (not mine).

Actually, we never quite made it to the Riverwalk. We got as far as the RiverCenter mall, which is, um, a mall. Hot Topic, Papaya, Forever 21, you know. A mall.

Walk the Riverwalk? Heck no, we want to shop! :)

I enjoyed my weekend, though, and not because I got five camisoles and a pair of feather earrings for $17 at Forever 21.

Downtown is the best imagination stimulant ever, as I discovered last September. Even though this was a different downtown, it was just as good. All the people - people, people, people! All sorts of people, doing all sorts of things, going all sorts of places. It's the most beautiful imagination stimulant I've discovered.

(Not to mention that we watched Tangled twice, which put me back on a let's-write-princess-books kick at the worst possible time.)

The best part of my weekend? Seeing a certain stretch of road that is the setting for a chase scene in my WiP. I've been writing it by memory, but I got to see it again and figure out how it would work in real life. Best thrill ever. It's real, it's there! I did my best to get lots of adjectives and descriptions for my WiP, although I was outdoors in April instead of outdoors in December (big difference). All the same, it was exciting.

What did you do this weekend? Any imagination stimuli?

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Alex said...

well...my friends and I walked along about 5 twisting miles of deer path behind my house. Only to wind up at a golf course. At 9:30 at night, which is apparently illegal and suspicious. So we played a wonderful game of "find the road, quick!" which actually gave me inspiration to write a poem o.O