Meet the Blogosphere

Question, oh great and mighty blogosphere:

Now that I'm querying, I'm thinking that my picture should be a little more me and a little less the back of me. :) But I'm in a bit of a bind as to what sort of picture I should choose.

Should I keep my maintain my whimsical image at the risk of seeming too youthful?

Or should I nudge up my professional image just a little at the risk of seeming boring?

They're both honest, they're both me. Which one should I use, or is it just a preferential thing?

(And yes, that is my face. Melody's face, meet the blogosphere. Blogosphere, this is Melody's face.) :)


Anne Gallagher said...

Full face. Please. More professional.

Alex said...

i agree. Full face.

Paula said...

Hi Melody,
My vote is also for the full face. Though, I do love the other picture (how did you do that???). Maybe you can use it somewhere else on the blog?

Good luck.