I've Been Everywhere

Today is Friday, and I'm not sharing the love. Not that I don't want to, and not that there aren't any blogs worth reading this week. But I've been on the road, which means I haven't gotten to read any blogs! And that, well...it puts a damper on shared love linkage.

Where have I been? I took an Amtrak train (thoughts: comfortable, relaxing, leg-room, romantic, chillaxed, def do again), saw the swollen banks of the Mississippi River, entered Nashville - where the music comes from, and discovered that said music city is having their 13 year locust epidemic.

No, seriously. Every 13 years, this locust plague hatches, creates noise for about 4 weeks, and then returns to the ground for another 13 years. Apparently, there's some on a 7 year plan, too. It's quite interesting, quite loud, and great thoughts for a future book... :)

Soooowh, this is howww thay tawwlk in Taynnesseee. Actually, there weren't near as many people with accents as I suspected (or maybe I've lived in the South so long that I can't notice anymore), but there were a few. I'm in love with that drawl, man. Seriously. (And if I'm poking fun, it's a compliment because I'm jealous. You can poke fun at the fact that I say y'all if you feel somehow slighted.)

Right now, I'm in Little Rock, Arkansas. There's a beautiful, beautiful library with the names of famous authors engraved below its roof. That's my favorite part of Little Rock. Just like me to like the library in a city, eh?

Where have you been? :)


Jessica Bell said...

Oh, I'd love to join you! I haven't been to a library in so long, well, ten years to be exact, since living in Greece :o(

Keaghan said...

I'm on vacation! :D And I say "ya'll," so I won't poke fun. ;)

(And the library sounds wonderful!)

Stina said...

I was at the local library yesterday. :D

Sounds like an amazing trip.