A Pirate's Life For Me

My thoughts on Pirates. Sin (without) spoilers.
  • The Curse of the Black Pearl (on vhs): OMGOSHOMGOSHOMGOSH LOVELOVELOVE and I shall QUOTE IT FOREVER!!
  • Dead Man's Chest (in theaters): Hmmmm, well, it was pretty good, but my opinion shall depend on whether or not they fill those plot holes in #3. (Note: For me, this movie got better after multiple viewings. Once I realized that the sequel would not fulfill, I was able to enjoy it much more as a standalone.)
  • At World's End (in theaters): What? Huh? I hate this, hate this, hate this. Disney, what were you thinking? Not only did you neglect every single plot hole from #2, you made more. And you, that Calypso thing, that was just, weird, and, seriously, you did not just do that. If you make another Pirates movie, count me out.
  • On Stranger Tides (in theaters*): I have fallen back in love.
Mini Formal Review: The plot of On Stranger Tides reminds me a lot of Dead Man's Chest...without all the holes. Jack Sparrow is back in full force, no longer insecure about his morals, but finally confident in who he is. Captain Jack Sparrow, scalawag and pirate, but with a spark (don't worry, it's not a flame) of decency that reveals itself in his relationship with Angelica (Penelope Cruz). Most of the decency is left to Philip, Christian missionary, whose duty in the film is to fill the empty role of "good" that Will left. And he does masterfully. Not only is he cute, but he's kind, he's good. (If you're reading this Disney, bring him back for #5!) This movie doesn't take itself too seriously, like I feel DMC and, especially, At World's End did. Yeah, it has it's serious moments, and they are deep, but they are also short. I heartily enjoyed it and will recommend it. Jack is back, but the plot holes are not.

But what about Will and Elizabeth? It feels very disloyal to say so, but I never missed them. I never once wondered where they were. The movie flowed well and I never questioned their absence. Besides, their story was properly ended in At World's End. I need no further explanation. Philip the Missionary filled Will's spot perfectly, and the woman's role of Elizabeth was taken care of effortlessly by Angelica (tricksy) and Serena (good). I will forever be Team Will (Orlando was my first celebrity crush), but Philip makes a strong case for himself.

Nothing will ever compare to The Curse of the Black Pearl, but this is a solid sequel, make no mistake.

All in all, Pirate's second chance is well-deserved. If you're a Pirates fan, even a post-At-World's-End-disgruntled one like I was -- you don't want to miss this.

Have you seen it? What did you think? What did you think???????

* I had full intentions of not seeing #4 in theaters, but my brother was having a birthday (he's a teenager now, whaaaaat?!). I was in favor of Thor, but he wanted something funny. So, I was dragged to Pirates #4, which, honestly, it's sad that I had to be dragged, as in love as I was 'back in the day'.


Stina said...

My kids want to see it, but I have to wait for it to be no longer in 3D. For some reason, I get motion sickness during 3D movies.

I was hoping there was going to be a resolution to the Will and Elizabeth problem. Sucks to be them. :(

AC Quigley said...

I'm a serious 'Pirates' fan but wasn't sure about #4. The official reviews weren't so good but all the reviews by people that have seen it so far have been positive. So I'll think that I'll go with my original feeling and go see it!