Writing Must-Haves

Well, I'm finally jumping on the Paper Hangover bandwagon. Every week, blogs fill my inbox answering a question...and I always want to answer, too! So here I be, and Friday's question is:

What are five things you can't live without when you are writing or revising?
  1. Music. Usually lyric-less, like classical or movie scores. But right now I'm using songs with lyric because the lyrics apply to the book.
  2. Silence. Not, like, complete and utter silence. Just no people talking. I can do fans, birds, wind, cars, dogs, cats, and definitely music...but if people are talking, I can't concentrate.
  3. A time-keeping device, preferably my stopwatch. I chart my writing progress time-wise, and it would devastate me not to know how long I've written in a day.
  4. Paper and pen. Because no matter how many .docs I have open, I always need to scribble something down in line-less form.
  5. This list (released in this post) Seven writing do's and don't's from Kurt Vonnegut, printed and posted beside my desk. I've since written in an eight rule: Never give the reader an excuse to put down the book, inspired by this post on pacing from Paranormalcy author Kiersten White.
What about you? What need you to write?
And yes, I know it's Tuesday. But I'm enjoying 'Share the Love' on Friday, and Lydia was so kind as to answer my head-banging question yesterday, so it's Tuesday. :)

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Paula said...

Let's see:

1. MY table at Starbucks (if I have to sit somewhere else, yikes!!)

2. A coffee, preferably a mocha.

3. My earbuds for blocking out the noise and for listening to music.

4. Some kind of activity going on.

5. The internet OFF.

: )