Share the Love III

For your Friday delight, I give you the best of my blog-reading week. Feel free to pick one you haven't read! (Sorry for the lack of post yesterday - National Day of Prayer kind of took over my life. Guess I should have posted that, at least, the way people post Christmas stuff on Christmas. Anyway.)

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself: The Muchness of a YA Heroine, by Angie Smibert, author of Memento Nora

Inhibition-Less: Your Eyes. Your Story., by Katie Mills

Heartwrenching: The People She Left Behind, by February Grace

How To Write: I'm Not Her (Guest Blogger: Janet Gurtler, author of I'm Not Her), by Stina Lindenblatt; How I Write and How I Edit, by former Agent Nathan Bransford, author of Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow

Queries: The One Right Way to Write a Query, by Agent Mary Kole

Laugh Out Loud: The Most Awful Awfulness, by Emily

Speaking About Fiction: Vlogging, Anyone? (Guest Blogger: Jennifer Wilkov, Author and Writing Coach), by Agent Rachelle Gardner (The post is about vlogging, but I applied it to speaking in front of people. I've always wondered what I would talk about if asked to speak about my book, since I'm a fiction author. This post gives some brilliant topic ideas.)

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