Everyone Is Different

On Thursday and Friday of last week, I wrote for exactly 32 minutes. 25% of my committed writing time for those days.

I played catch-up on Saturday, but that's not the point.
  • The point is, it killed me.
I didn't think I was that dependent on daily writing. But I got back to the writing grindstone yesterday, and it was like writing through molasses. Or chocolate syrup. We'll go with chocolate syrup, because it tastes better.

This is why they made the rule of writing every day. But here's the odd thing: I know there are authors who don't. Who can't. Who succeed anyway. {Nathan Bransford, anybody?}

This is when you realize that everyone is different. Some authors are at their most productive when at a coffee shop. I'm not. {I can be, it just takes me so long to settle that my chai is empty.} Some authors write all day one day a week. I would die. Some authors need Twizzlers/chocolate/bacon. I don't. In fact, it's pretty fair to say that I can't eat while writing because of the distraction/messy fingers. {Though I do like something to drink.}

Everyone is different. Other writer's routines may not work for you. And yours probably won't work for them. Always try new things, and - by all means - see what's working for other people! But don't worry if you're different. You are an epically awesome creative person - of course you're going to be different!

Tell me - what's one writing habit you have that is a bit different?

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AimeeLSalter said...

I'm a heavy outliner. I usually outline all the major plotpoints before I write past the first chapter. I often outline scenes or chapters before I start writing them - especially if I'm struggling - and I timeline / outline all my backstory.

I didn't think this was odd until I listened to other writers who, it seems, rarely do.