An Editing Superwoman

  1. The first round of edits, really more of a rewrite, was to tie a string of scenes into a story. The voice was brilliant.
  2. The second round of edits was to maintain continuity of plot and character from A to B to C...and from A to C, which is harder. The voice got more fleshed out.
  3. The third round of edits is to add depth to plot and characters and maintain plausibility. The voice took a backseat to plot.
  4. The fourth round of edits will be to spread out the romance, like butter over bread, so that no bite of story has globs of butter...or just dry toast. Hopefully, the voice will come back, because there's nothing like voice to narrate a romance.
  5. The fifth round of edits will be to bring back the voice.
And that is the story of voice. It is also the story of me, trudging my way through edits. Like chocolate syrup. But we went over that yesterday.

I wish I could do all those edits in one giant edit. But, alas, despite my epic multi-tasking skills {I currently have six tabs open in Firefox, plus email}, this is the level of an Editing Superwoman. Someday I'll be there.

What about you? Do your stories undergo multiple edits? Or do you just hash it out all at once?

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