Go Win A Book

Um...writing updates? I'm still writing. Right now, that's pretty impressive, actually. So, in honor of that impressive-ness, I thought I'd let you know about some book-winning opportunities in the blogging world. {We all know that I don't normally do this, and therefore we all know that this won't become a regular habit, yes? Okay. I just felt like it. One can blog about contests when one feels like it, yes?}

  1. Robin McKinley (THE BLUE SWORD, PEGASUS, CHALICE, BEAUTY) is selling and auctioning signed doodles, signed/dedicated/doodled books, and out-of-print books to benefit the New Arcadia Bell Restoration Fund {ends 10/9/11}. And just look at the beauty that is that PEGASUS poster. I asked my bank account about it, and it said no. Besides, the Star Wars posters knew that another poster means one of them would be...covered over. Gasp. Or, if you want to WIN a signed and doodled book, publicize the auction!
  2. Mia Hayson is giving away MEMOIRS OF A TEENAGE AMNESIAC (Gabrielle Zevin) and IMAGINARY GIRLS (Nova Rem Suma). Both major books on the YA scene. AMNESIAC looks like Bourne meets highschool, which is absolutely brilliant. And IMAGINARY has the most beautiful cover, not to mention a mystery. Good. Books. Yes.
  3. Paula Kay McLaughlin is giving away a THE FAERIE RING (Kiki Hamilton). Talk about a mysterious cover! Any book that spells 'faerie' instead of 'fairy' has my vote. And it takes place in England. England, people! England...
You like to read? Go win a book, and meet some awesome authoresses in the process. :)

Oh wow, I need to read THE BLUE SWORD again. So good. 

P. S. I'm sorry the pictures don't match the entries. Blame Blogger, yes? :) 


Donna K. Weaver said...

I love Robin McKinley. I've got the audiobook for "The Blue Sword" which was my first introduction to her.

Imaginary girls is on my list of books to read.

Paula said...

Thanks for the link, Melody!! Kiki's book is amazing. The others look awesome, too. Love the cover of IMAGINARY GIRLS.