What Is The Problem?

I have a lovely writing accountability partner {that I simply must introduce you to, sometime} who gets 'dailys' {because I have to check in and tell her that I wrote, you see}. A lot of the time it's a quick "nothing to report" or "made so-many words." But over the past few days, I've been turning in low times and slightly depressed comments. An in-person brainstorm session was suggested, and then I decided to email her the "problem."

This is what I typed in OpenOffice:
    • The scene has no action. Too much dialogue, and nothing happening. The only tension is emotional.
    • Add physical tension.
      • How do I add physical tension without lessening the emotional tension or taking away from the dialogue?

There was a lot more to it than that, me dialoguing with myself on the progression of the new chapters. But the amazing thing was, just by writing it all out like that, I got answers. Just writing down exactly what the problem was, was a mind-clearer in the extreme.

It's funny; I've read Dale Carnegie. I know that writing down one's troubles is a huge step in finding solutions. And yet I so often forget it. Why write them down when you're busy finding a solution?

Let me tell you - writing them down gets you the solution. It just comes. It happens when I journal angsty things in my journal; almost all of those entries end with hope and solutions and confidence for the future. And when you write down your writing troubles, the solution will often appear. I don't know why. It just does.

So if you're stuck, go write down why you're stuck. And then go from there...


Shelley Sly said...

Writing it out really does help! Sometimes it has helped me get to a great solution by myself; other times I at least identify specifically what I need to change and ask others for input. Great advice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! This is why I interview my characters. It brings forth all kinds answers - some I didn't even know I was seeking - so I can take the craziness and insanity that follows. ;)

Thanks for this reminder!