Kind Of Finished

Hmmm...new Blogger interface. Interesting. The jury is out.

Well, I'm venturing back. I think it's safe. I think my editing zombie skin has been shedded {okay, that was kind of a gross analogy, but whatev}.

Anyway, I'm back. And I'm finished. Kind of. Sort of. I mean, yes, I am finished, but I'm not really...

...oh, whatever, yes, I'll give it the celebration it deserves: I'M FINISHED!!!!!!!

*half-heartedly throws confetti*

I'll be more full-hearted when it's done. I didn't know there was a difference between done and finished. There is. Because I still have some polishing stuff I want to do (a whole page-full, to be applied to each chapter upon - yet another - reading). And a scene that...just...won't...fit...right, no matter how I tip my head when I read it. Sigh.

{It's just a bit frustrating, because I feel like I've edited it within an inch of my life...but apparently not an inch of its life.}

I'm sorry. I should be celebrating. I should be screaming with delight. I'm FINISHED, and within a YEAR of starting the thing, too. Now that's progress. And even though my needed polishes are leering at me, I'm not really scared. I've already accomplished much more difficult tasks on this MS.

So, I'm done. More work to do, but the worst of it is over. For now, haha. :)

...I promise to be more coherent and fluid next time. Which should technically be tomorrow, eh? Ah, back to daily blog posts...

How about you? Finish anything {outline, first draft, revision notes}? Excited? Or are you just looking ahead to all the work still to do...?


Anonymous said...

WHOO! This calls for a party! Hurrah for Melody! Hurrah! ^.^

I am so pleased and excited for you. One step closer, my friend, you are one step closer to the finish line. And that is huge reason for celebration.


Lydia Kang said...

Oh come on, throw that confetti with more gusto! *throws confetti for Melody*
That is great! Celebrate!