That's the Truth

I love writing.

This past week, I have mentally voiced my hatred of writing multiple times. And by multiple, I mean too many times to count. I hate writing, I hate writing, I hate writing. {I try not to think it too many times, because that which you think, you become...and I want to love writing for the rest of my life.}

I've entered a whole new level of writing, the level where I know it can be better, where I can see how good the book is already and see how much better I can make it. A great place to be, really. But it's a much harder level of writing than I've ever encountered. And I've sat and stared at the editing and the computer screen and the 8-page, chapter-sectioned list of edits that need to be made, throw my face into my hands, and think, "I hate writing."

Except I don't. That's the funny thing. I don't hate writing. I love writing. There's a scene in August Rush where August admits to loving music more than food. {I do love music.} And that phrase kept coming back to me. And I started to make a list of things I could not live without {not including necessities like food, air conditioning, and internet}.
  1. Jesus
  2. my family
  3. music
  4. the creation of stories {aka writing}
For "hating writing," it's pretty high up on my list, eh? And that's the truth.

True: Sometimes I hate writing.
Truth: I love writing and couldn't live without it.

There's a difference between 'true' and 'the truth.' And that's what gets me through some days. Looking at the word document and thinking, "I hate writing," and knowing that I don't have to believe that. That's not me. I don't have to hate writing. I love writing. I can continue to love writing all my days, because I do love it, whatever my crazy zombified mind is thinking, and that's the truth.

What's 'true' for you today? What's 'the truth'?


AimeeLSalter said...

OOooo, good topic. Here's a little bit of honesty for you:

True: I can't write.

Truth: I can write, but it's hard. Sometimes I DON'T write well because I'm lazy or full of self-doubt or tired or distracted or....

Anonymous said...

True: I don't feel like writing
Truth: I am longing to write :)