This Is NaNo

This morning, my NaNo MC climbed a tree while a blizzard was coming in. Then some bad men came below her tree. All going according to plan.

Until a fox appeared in the trap across the clearing. Seriously? Seriously? Where did the fox come from? Well, who needs the fox? I had full intention of letting the bad men kill the fox, until said fox started talking, and then talking about kits. {Kits being baby foxes, yes?} And his plaintive cries were making me sad.

"I can't do this," I thought. "I can't kill the fox."

But my MC is stuck in a tree as snowflakes blow in on the wind, scared to be found. But she's also scared for the fox, so she yells. And then she gets found.

Where did I leave her? In the tree, pretending to be dead as the cold seeps into her fingers. {Long story.} If it makes anyone feel any better, the romantic interest (RI) is just on the other side of the Creek. Too bad he can't cross because of certain territorial boundaries.

But hey - the Creek can talk. The Tree talks. {I mean, come on, the fox talked, why can't the tree?} And MC and RI are the only ones who can hear said voices.

This - this is NaNo. This is where I start writing with no idea where the story is going. This is where I send characters up into trees without knowing how they'll come down. This is where talking foxes throw me off my game, and this is where talking water saves lives. This is NaNoWriMo.

What about you? Is this your NaNo, or did you actually outline? :)


Sky Destrian said...

I outlined... but yes, there is a fair bit of craziness that shows up. Especially when I'm running on 6 hours of sleep and I haven't even met my wordcount for the day.

It's okay. I have a character that shows up later on who has a pet eagle and an Irish accent. You're not alone in this NaNoWriMo weirdness.

Faith E. Hough said...

Love it. :)
I'm not doing NaNo, just taking in all the radiant energy and trying to finish my first draft by Christmas. And I outline a LOT, but I like to allow things to surprise me.

AimeeLSalter said...

*Does the running man*

Go, go, go Melody!

Go, go, go Melody!

February Grace said...

You rock.

Just sayin'.

I'm doing the 'rebel' thing this year, determined to intervene where life and fate have denied me the chance to finish my last novel and let me tell you it's HARD.

My green bar will be my winner's badge this year if I survive the month of editing, rewriting, and writing 50k new material for the existing book (to be whittled down later in the actual manuscript, after so long blocked I just want to end up with as much material to work with as I can. what did i get myself into? LOL

Write on, fellow Wrimo!