Quantum Physics

Over the past week, I have begun a fantasy set in the Wild West, a space adventure, and now I have a pretty sweet time travel story in my head, thanks to The God Effect, a tolerably entertaining book on quantum physics. Or something to do with quantum physics. I think. I'm not really sure, but it did give me a novel idea.

{Oh, now that it is some totally unintended wordplay.}

I'm supposed to be working on revising my book. Besides the fact that revision and I have never enjoyed each other's company--ever--I don't know how I want to revise it. There are so many directions to go, and I don't want to start until I decide upon one.

Should the characters be older? Or do I need to make their voices younger? {They could be fine as is.} Is this a Christian novel? Then there needs to be more "God". Or is this decidedly not a Christian novel? Then there needs to be less. And what about changing the plot just enough so that it makes more sense for Clayton to enter the novel? That makes everything even worse.

One of these dilemmas would be plenty, but when you have three or four of them like that--then they all get mixed together. You can choose one, or two, or three. There are, like, six different books in that paragraph. I'm pretty sure I do not have the attention span to write six different, similar books.

Hence the quantum physics.


Traci Kenworth said...

Revising is tough. I'm going through this myself right now, but I also enjoy the revisions because the chip away the grizzle from the steak.

Shelley Sly said...

Aw don't worry, you'll find just the right way to revise (if you need to.) It might just take time to figure out.

I'm always here to bounce ideas off of (not like I've given you genius advice lately; I'm just as stuck as you are! But I just thought I'd offer.)

Also, you come up with the most amazing ideas. :)