A Voice

If you asked me, and no one did, I would tell you that the voice was the strongest part of Those Who Trespass. It's fast-paced, but more than that, narrator Jenn is cynical, darkly humorous, and values brevity over style. I think it worked, though it's true that her cynicism may border on the depressing.

But here's the thing about Jenn's voice: I have no idea what I did.

I just...started writing. And her voice is what came out.

Which is fine and dandy and hearts and candy while you're writing. Makes it easy, makes you think, "Oh, wow, I've found it! Eureka!"

But there is always, dun, dun, dun...another book.

If the narrator isn't Jenn, we have a problem. We can't all be darkly humorous. Even Ally Carter, who wrote the Gallagher Girls series before she wrote the Heist Society series, realized that. It's one reason that she changed from first-person in GG to third-person in HS. Because the spunky Katarina (HS) is a far cry from chameleon Cammie (GG).

Ever since I finished Those Who Trespass, I've been trying to relocate my voice. When I started the sequel, it took me a scarily long time to find Jenn again. I was worried she wouldn't show up, though she did, eventually.

A few days ago, I happened upon a story I'd started back in December. It had decent voice, then. This week, I've been continuing it. And, lo, and behold! A voice! A voice that flows from my fingers!

Not Jenn's voice. Oh, sure, I can see the similarities. But this isn't Jenn. This is someone much more normal. {Thank goodness.}

I cannot begin to describe what a joy it is to find a voice again.

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